Converted all PHP Mink's step definitions to Nodejs, packaged in Webship-js's step definitions

Convert All Mink to Nodejs final

Converted all PHP Mink's step definitions to Nodejs, packaged in Webship-js's step definitions

What is Mink?
Mink is an open source browser controller/emulator for web applications, written in PHP. Encompass essential commands for conducting general website tests.


Conversion process
In Webship-js, We have converted all step definitions from PHP Mink to Nodejs programming language to facilitate their utilization in running automated tests using Nightwatch.js commands.

An example of executing a sentence


PHP/Mink Context

* Given /^(?:|I )am on (?:|the )homepage$/
public function iAmOnHomepage(){


Nodejs, nightwatchjs/ Webship-js Context

Given(/^(I am|we are) on( the)* homepage$/, function (pronoundCase, theCase) {
  return browser.url(browser.launch_url);

Benefits of using Nodejs for automated testing

Node.js, a JavaScript runtime, is well-suited for automated testing due to its non-blocking, event-driven architecture. Combining Node.js with headless browsers allows you to write tests in JavaScript, simplifying the testing process and making it accessible to a broader audience of developers.


Benefits of Nightwatch.js

Nightwatch.js is an integrated open source tool to perform automated end-to-end testing on web applications and websites, across all major browsers. It is written in Node.js and uses the W3C WebDriver API to interact with various browsers.

Benefits of Cucumberjs

Cucumberjs is a tool based on BDD framework that makes it easy to automate user acceptance tests using the Gherkin language. It provides a human-readable and executable specification within the popular Given, When, Then syntax.

Some of its key benefits include:

  • Acts as a bridge between the technical team and the non-technical team.
  • Focuses more on the user experience.
  • Easy installation and set-up process.
  • Focus on the re-usability and improved maintenance of the test code.

Benefits of Webship-js

Webship-js is a highly effective automated testing tool that accelerates website testing. It provides detailed and efficient results from the beginning of testing, including report generation, Using Nightwatch.js and Cucumber-js, and running automated functional testing using Selenium.

Webship-js is a versatile tool suitable for various website projects, as it relies on fundamental commands shared across all websites. 


For more information:- Webship Docs