Automated Functional Testing Setup

Automating functional testing has never been easier with our Automated Functional Acceptance Testing tool. By configuring your project to work seamlessly with Webship-js, utilizing Nightwatch.js, and Cucumber-js, we help you streamline and accelerate the end-to-end testing process for your web apps or projects. Our tool is designed to make testing less cumbersome and more efficient, ensuring that your products are of the highest quality and reliability. So why wait?

 Let us help you take your testing to the next level.


Setup Private Selenium Grid

Enhance your local development and private CI/CD servers, it is recommended to make use of robot servers and web drivers. These technologies can help automate tasks and streamline processes, improving overall efficiency and productivity. With robot servers, you can easily deploy and manage robots for various automation tasks, while web drivers provide a way to interact with web applications and automate tests.


Configure Remote CI/CD

Prepare projects to run with public or private CI/CD remote servers. like Github Actions, Gitlab-CI, Bitbucket Pipelines, BrowserStack, Ext ...


Cucumber/Gherkin descriptions

Writing Cucumber descriptions, Gherkin scripts for web apps. To work with End-to-end testing features in web apps or projects.

Having custom and advanced general step definitions.