Webship JS 1.0.x

Webship JS is an Automated Functional Acceptance Testing tool. Helps to ease and speed up the work with the End-to-end testing features in web apps or projects. Using Nightwatch.js and Cucumber-js. Having custom and advanced general step definitions.


Key features of the Webship-js tool typically include:

  • Test Script Creation: Webship-js allow testers to create test scripts or scenarios that mimic real-life user interactions with the software. These scripts outline the steps to be executed during the testing process.


Feature: Login page
  Scenario: Successful Login with Valid entries
    Given I am on homepage
     When I go to "login.html"
     And I fill in "Username" with "Smith"
     And I fill in "Password" with "1$34"
     And I press "Login"
     Then I should see "Welcome Smith"


  • Test Execution: Webship-js automates the execution of test scripts, interacting with the application under test and verifying the expected outcomes against the actual results. It captures any deviations or failures encountered during the test run.


  • Test Data Management: Webship-js often provide functionality for managing test data, allowing testers to define and manipulate input data sets to cover different test scenarios effectively.


  • Reporting and Analysis: Webship-js generate detailed reports summarizing the test results, including passed and failed test cases, along with any errors or exceptions encountered. Testers can analyze these reports to identify issues and take appropriate action.


Benefits of using Webship-js include increased testing efficiency, reduced human error, improved test coverage, and faster time-to-market. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, testers can focus more on critical aspects of software testing, such as complex scenarios and exploratory testing.

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