Install Webship JS

Prior to installing Webship-js to any project, it is necessary to fulfill certain general requirements. These include having the latest version of Chrome driver and Selenium standalone server. Additionally, the usage of yarn is recommended for executing commands.

Make sure you have installed all necessary tools


Ensure that your project directory includes the  package.json  file. If it doesn't exist, create one using the command  yarn init  and follow the prompts in the command prompt.


Now to install Webship-js on your project, simply execute the following command:

yarn add webship-js


To finalize the configuration files required by the Webship JS tool, run the following command:

bash <(wget -O -


During the installation or configuration process, there may be some interactions that require your input. If you are satisfied with the default suggestion, you can simply press the "Enter" key to proceed with that option. This is a common practice in command-line interfaces where default values are provided as suggestions and can be accepted by hitting the "Enter" key.

Full local project path (/full/path/to/your/project/directory): 
Project machine name (PROJECT_NAME): 
Project base testing url (http://website/path) : 
Selenium Host domain ( ):


Ensure that Selenium is running smoothly. 

Now, you can execute the test command to observe the initial testing results by running:

yarn test